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The Joy of Cycling with Kent Bicycles

Riding Kent bicycle on a trail.

There's no feeling quite like cruising down the open road, the wind brushing past your face, and the thrill of moving at your own pace. One brand that beautifully captures this essence is Kent Bicycles. Kent is not just any bike brand; it represents the epitome of cycling freedom, performance, and comfort. We, at National Assemblers, celebrate the finesse of these bicycles and ensure they are assembled perfectly to serve our customers in the United States. We are specialized in helping you with the installation of your bicycle assembly. We also have an article for Walmart Bicycles if you are interested to learn more.

Riding Kent bicycle in a park.

Why Choose Kent Bicycles?

Kent Bicycles, with a rich legacy spanning over a century, has cemented its place as a top choice for cyclists. Offering a comprehensive range of bicycles for all ages, from children to adults, there's a perfect Kent bike for everyone.

Their products shine with meticulous design and robust build quality, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable riding experience. Comfort and safety are integral to each Kent Bicycle, featuring responsive brakes, comfortable seats, and ergonomic designs.

Kent Bicycles also stand for affordability, offering premium cycling experiences at competitive prices. Moreover, their commitment to eco-friendly transportation underlines their dedication to sustainability. So, when you choose a Kent Bicycle, you're opting for quality, safety, affordability, and a greener planet.

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Standout Models from Kent Bicycles

Kent Rage

The Kent Rage is a robust and stylish BMX bike, perfect for neighborhood rides and beyond. Its strength lies in its tig-welded steel frame and durable steel fork, complemented by lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum wheels. The bike boasts 20" BMX/Freestyle tires for a smooth ride, with front and rear hand brakes ensuring excellent stopping power. It is designed for comfort and customization with a fully adjustable seat post and handlebar, alongside a padded BMX saddle. Additionally, the dual front pegs enhance its cool aesthetics. Overall, the Kent Rage promises durability, comfort, and a smooth ride for young cycling enthusiasts.

Kent Rage BMX Kids Bicycle.
Kent Rage BMX Kids Bicycle

Kent Able Bike Co. RLX

The Kent Able Bike Co. RLX is a stellar blend of comfort and control. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this bike assures an upright riding position for optimum ease-of-use. The bike features confidence-inspiring disk brakes for maximum safety. Its key features include a durable tig-welded steel frame and hi-tensile steel fork for stability and resilience. With 27.5" cruiser tires and a single speed drivetrain, the RLX ensures a smooth ride. It also provides customization options with an adjustable seat post and stem & handlebar, along with a deluxe padded saddle for added comfort. The bike sports lightweight alloy wheels and soft rubber grips, while front and rear fenders add to its cool aesthetics. Simply pedal backwards to activate the coaster brakes. In essence, the Able Bike Co. RLX stands for style, comfort, and safety, making every ride an enjoyable experience.

Kent Able Bike Co. RLX
Kent Able Bike Co. RLX

Kent 700C Ridgeport E-Bike

The Kent 700C Ridgeport E-Bike is a perfect blend of style, convenience, and efficiency, tailored for daily commutes. Its lightweight aluminum frame hosts a semi-integrated battery, providing durability and sleekness. Powered by a 350-watt rear hub motor with pedal-assist, it promises powerful performance. The 16-speed Shimano TX800 drivetrain assures smooth gear transitions, while front and rear mechanical disc brakes ensure safety. The bike features 700 x 45 Kenda hybrid commuter tires, adaptable to both city streets and off-road. Additionally, the adjustable seat post and built-in luggage rack add convenience. The bike comes with a removable, lockable 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery and a handlebar-mounted controller/display. The Kent 700C Ridgeport e-bike is your ticket to enjoyable, efficient commuting.

Kent 700C Ridgeport E-Bike.
Kent 700C Ridgeport E-Bike

Kent Trouvaille

The Kent Trouvaille is a sleek, durable mountain bike perfect for both beginners and seasoned riders. Built with a lightweight hydroformed aluminum frame and internally routed cables, this bike offers an appealing blend of style and strength. It boasts a Microshift Advent 9-speed drivetrain and ProWheel alloy crankset, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride on any terrain. The bike features an SR Suntour XCM fork with lockout and 100mm of travel, providing excellent shock absorption. Exceptional stopping power is guaranteed with front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The bike's 29" x 2.40" CST Patrol XC tires provide superior traction and stability, making it an ideal choice for off-road adventures. Added features include an adjustable seat post, quick-release alloy handlebar, and alloy wheels, enhancing rider comfort and ease of transportation. A heavy-duty kickstand is also included for when you need to rest. The Kent Trouvaille promises an exhilarating ride for cycling enthusiasts.

Kent Trouvaille.
Kent Trouvaille

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Making the Most of Your Kent Bicycles: Top Tips

Riding a Kent Bicycle is a fantastic experience. However, to keep this experience enjoyable and prolong the life of your bicycle, it's essential to maintain your bike properly. Here are some valuable tips to help you do just that:

  • Clean and lubricate the chain regularly: The chain is a critical component of your bicycle, and keeping it clean and well-lubricated ensures smooth pedaling and shifting. Regularly inspect the chain for dirt or rust, and clean it using a brush and suitable cleaning solvent. Once cleaned, don't forget to apply a good quality chain lubricant.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure: Correct tire pressure is essential for a smooth, safe ride and to avoid unnecessary tire wear or even punctures. Check the pressure regularly, especially before long rides, and inflate the tires as per the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Inspect the brakes: The brake system is vital for your safety. Regularly check the brake pads for wear and tear, ensure the brake levers are working smoothly, and the brake cables are not frayed or damaged.
  • Tighten the bolts regularly: Bolts can loosen over time due to regular use. Ensure to check all bolts, especially those on the handlebars, saddle, and wheels, and tighten them if necessary.
  • Check the gear system: If your Kent Bicycle has gears, ensure they are shifting smoothly. Any difficulty in gear change could indicate an issue with the derailleur or the need for cable adjustment.
  • Keep the bike clean: Regularly cleaning your bike not only makes it look great but also helps you spot any potential problems. Wipe down the frame, handlebars, and saddle, and clean off any dirt or grime from the wheels.
  • Regular servicing: Just like any vehicle, your bicycle benefits from regular servicing. Having professionals like National Assemblers check your bike can ensure any minor issues are addressed before they become major problems.

Following these tips will help you maximize your enjoyment of your Kent Bicycle, ensuring it provides reliable service for years to come.

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Ride With Confidence, Ride with Kent

Choosing a Kent Bicycle is not just about owning a vehicle; it's about embracing a lifestyle of freedom, adventure, and trust. As you embark on this journey, allow us at National Assemblers to provide the support you need in assembling your chosen bike perfectly, ensuring you the smoothest ride possible. Enjoy the ride, trust the journey! Contact us today for your bicycle assembly, so you can start riding right away!

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