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Moving Guide: Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Expert assembling and disassembling furniture.

In the midst of the hectic flurry that characterizes the moving process, one aspect that frequently doesn't receive the attention it should is the essential task of disassembling and reassembling furniture. A lot of people tend to overlook this step, perhaps viewing it as too time-consuming or complex, or underestimating its importance. However, the truth of the matter is that this procedure is absolutely critical in ensuring that your furniture arrives at its new destination in the same condition it left the old one: safe, sound, and completely undamaged.

Recognizing the importance of this process, we've put our expertise to work in creating this comprehensive guide. Our aim is to help you understand exactly what types of furniture will need to be disassembled and reassembled when moving. We'll also explain how to do it properly, so you can ensure your furniture's longevity and save yourself potential headaches down the line. It's just one more way that we at National Assemblers strive to make your moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Also, we have a guide on Flat Pack Furniture if you are interested.

Man building a bunk bed

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly When Moving

While it might initially appear that moving furniture in one piece is the most time-efficient route, it's important to realize that this isn't always the safest or most practical approach. The process of disassembling furniture, although possibly seen as an additional task, is a critical step that significantly minimizes the risk of damage during transport. This technique not only protects the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your valuable items but also makes the moving process more manageable, organized, and less stressful. Furthermore, some larger, bulkier pieces of furniture, such as bed frames, wardrobes, or sectional sofas, won't fit through the constraints of standard doorways, narrow hallways, or winding stairwells without first being strategically taken apart. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and efficient relocation of your furniture, disassembly becomes an indispensable part of the moving process.

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Types of Furniture That Require Disassembly


Ranging from minimalistic, streamlined bed frames to more intricate and elaborate sleigh beds, the vast majority of beds require careful disassembly before being safely relocated during a move. This vital process typically involves methodically removing the headboard, footboard, and side rails, thereby reducing the bed to its constituent parts for easier transportation. However, the complexity of this task can escalate when dealing with more complicated structures like bunk beds and daybeds. These types of beds, due to their unique designs and additional components, require a more meticulous and time-consuming assembly and disassembly process. In these cases, the task often extends beyond the basic removal of headboards and footboards to include the disconnection of ladders, guardrails, or trundle beds, further emphasizing the need for an expert touch during furniture disassembly when moving.


Here are some of the beds that we can assemble and disassemble: 

Dressers and Wardrobes

While smaller, more compact dressers can often be transported as complete units, it becomes a different scenario altogether when dealing with larger, more bulky pieces. These larger dressers often necessitate an intensive disassembly process to ensure their safe and efficient relocation. This principle also applies to wardrobes, particularly those that come with intricate features such as mirrored doors or built-in drawers. These additional components not only increase the weight and dimensions of the piece, making it harder to maneuver through doorways and around corners, but they also present an increased risk of damage during transport. Therefore, taking the time to carefully disassemble these items into their component parts before moving can significantly mitigate the risk of damage, ease the process of maneuvering the furniture through tight spaces, and generally make the relocation process more manageable and less stressful.

White dresser

Here are some of the dresser and wardrobes that we can assemble and disassemble: 

Desks and Office Furniture

Desks, particularly those with complex L-shaped and U-shaped designs, often necessitate a thorough disassembly process to be safely and effectively moved. The unconventional shapes and larger sizes of these desk types make them challenging to maneuver through the narrow doorways, tight corners, and staircases typically encountered during a move. Consequently, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable components becomes an integral part of the moving process. Similarly, office chairs, with their adjustable parts and sometimes bulky designs, may also require some degree of disassembly. This could involve actions such as removing the backrest, detaching the wheels, or separating the seat from the stand. Bookshelves, too, particularly larger models or those with glass doors, often need to be disassembled before moving. The process may involve removing shelves, doors, or other detachable parts to reduce size and prevent potential damage. By disassembling these pieces of furniture, you're not only ensuring their safety during transit but also making the entire moving process more efficient and less stressful.

Office desk with laptop

Here's some of the desks and office furniture that we can assemble and disassemble:


Dining tables, coffee tables, and other substantial table types are usually prime candidates for disassembly when it comes to preparing for a move. The process typically involves meticulously detaching the legs and any additional components such as leaves or extensions. However, it's not just about the size of these items. The shape and design features, such as glass tops, decorative elements, or intricate woodwork, also necessitate careful handling to prevent damage. Disassembling these tables reduces their footprint and makes them easier to maneuver through doorways, hallways, and stairwells. Moreover, it allows for safer packing and transport, minimizing the risk of scratches, dents, or breakage. This process might seem tedious, but it is a crucial step in ensuring your valuable furniture pieces reach their new home in pristine condition. By breaking down these larger pieces, you're also creating more space in the moving vehicle, which can lead to fewer trips or a smaller, more cost-effective truck size.

Dining furniture with bench

Here's some of the tables that we can assemble and disassemble:

Living Room Furniture: Sofas, and More

Living room furniture, spanning from cozy sofas and recliners to chic coffee tables and entertainment units, not only fulfills functional roles but also contributes significantly to our home's aesthetic. These pieces mirror our personal style, making their safe relocation a priority. Large items may require disassembly, while delicate surfaces may need special packaging. Essentially, moving these pieces is about preserving their integrity and value. It's a thoughtful process ensuring they continue to enrich our lives and homes post-move.

Living room furniture

Here's some of the living room furniture's that we can assemble and disassemble:

Outdoor Furniture and Exercise Equipment

Outdoor furniture, like patio sets, grills, and garden benches, often needs to be disassembled for a move. Not only are these items bulky and heavy, but they're also usually designed to withstand the elements, making them more challenging to disassemble and reassemble. It's worth noting, however, that proper disassembly can prevent damage and make transport significantly easier. Exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines also typically require disassembly. These items are complex and heavy, so professional assistance can be beneficial for a safe and efficient move.

Outdoor furniture

Here's some of the outdoor furniture and exercise equipment that we can assemble and disassemble:

Benefits of Professional Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Moving can be a daunting process, filled with a multitude of tasks that need your attention. One of the most significant and often challenging aspects of this process is dealing with furniture. Ensuring that each piece is safely disassembled, transported, and reassembled at the new location can be a taxing ordeal, especially when dealing with larger or more intricate items. This is where a professional assembly service like National Assemblers can truly make a difference. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we provide a range of benefits that simplify your move and safeguard your furniture. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when engaging our services:

  • Efficiency: Our team is composed of skilled professionals with extensive experience in handling all types of furniture. This means we have the knowledge and expertise to disassemble and reassemble items quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time during your move. We understand the complexities of various furniture designs and have refined our techniques to ensure speed without compromising on quality or safety.
  • Safety: Furniture disassembly and assembly can involve heavy lifting and the use of tools, which can pose a risk of injury, especially if done without the right equipment or know-how. Our team is trained to handle these tasks safely, reducing the potential for accidents or injuries during the move. We adhere to strict safety protocols and use proper equipment, ensuring that both your furniture and our team are well-protected.
  • Protection of your furniture: Each piece of furniture has its own unique assembly process, and incorrect disassembly can lead to damage. Our team understands the intricacies of different furniture types and takes extra care to ensure that every piece is correctly disassembled, properly packed, and securely transported. This attention to detail helps protect your furniture from damage during the move, maintaining its condition and longevity.
  • Ease and convenience: Moving is often a stressful experience, and the task of disassembling and reassembling furniture can add to that stress. When you hire National Assemblers, you won't have to worry about this aspect of the move. We take care of the entire process, allowing you to focus on other moving tasks or simply take a moment to breathe amidst the chaos. This not only makes the move more manageable but also helps reduce the overall stress associated with it.
  • Post-move support: At National Assemblers, our service doesn't end once your furniture is reassembled at your new location. We provide post-move support to ensure that all your furniture is functioning as expected and make any necessary adjustments. This follow-up service is part of our commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While there is a cost associated with hiring a professional assembly service, it can often be more cost-effective in the long run. Considering the time you save, the potential damage you avoid, and the reduction in stress levels, hiring professionals like us can be a wise investment in ensuring a smooth and efficient move.
  • Peace of Mind: Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a professional assembly service like National Assemblers is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that your furniture is in the hands of experienced professionals, who will take the utmost care in handling each piece, can provide immense relief during a move. You can trust that your furniture will be safely transported and ready for use in your new home, without you having to lift a finger.

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Choosing a professional furniture assembly service like National Assemblers offers numerous advantages that go beyond the physical task of moving furniture. It's about making your move smoother, safer, and less stressful while ensuring that your valuable furniture pieces are well-protected. We're here to help make your moving experience a positive one.

Wrapping Up

When preparing for a move, it's essential to plan ahead and break down the tasks into manageable steps. Remember that while the process might seem overwhelming, each task you complete brings you one step closer to settling into your new home. For instance, disassembling furniture might seem like a daunting task, but it's a crucial step to ensure the safe transport of your valuable pieces. From simple bed frames to elaborate living room furniture, these items require careful handling to preserve their condition and functionality. Hiring a professional assembly service like National Assemblers can offer numerous benefits including efficiency, safety, protection of your furniture, ease and convenience, post-move support, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind. Such a service can take the stress out of moving, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home and starting the next chapter of your life.

Remember, moving is more than just a physical process—it's a significant life change. With careful planning, a thoughtful approach, and some professional assistance, you can make sure it's a positive change. Contact National Assemblers today for your furniture assembly and disassembly and let's help you start the process. Happy moving!

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