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The Rise of Elongated Toilets

Elongated toilet

In the realm of home renovation and interior design, the bathroom often serves as a focal point for innovation and style. One such innovation that has gained popularity for its blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal is the elongated toilet. This article delves into the world of elongated toilets, highlighting their benefits, design considerations, and why they are becoming a preferred choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Elongated toilet
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What Is an Elongated Toilet?

An elongated toilet features a pear- or oval-shaped bowl that extends further from the wall than traditional round bowls, offering additional comfort and space. Typically, these toilets measure approximately 18.5 inches in length and 14 inches in width, with the seat opening about 7 inches wide. This design not only promotes comfort but also improves hygiene and functionality in the bathroom.

American Standard Elongated Toilet
American Standard Elongated Toilet

Enhanced Benefits of an Elongated Toilet Seat

The elongated toilet, with its distinctive design and ergonomic features, presents a multitude of benefits over traditional round toilets, making it an exceptional choice for bathroom renovations or new installations. Here's a deeper look into the advantages they offer:

  • Superior Comfort: The most significant benefit of the elongated toilet is the added comfort it provides. Its extended seat length better accommodates the natural contours of the human body, offering enhanced support for the thighs and reducing strain during prolonged use. This design is especially beneficial for the elderly, those with mobility issues, or anyone who values comfort in their bathroom experience.
  • Optimized Hygiene: Elongated toilets are designed with hygiene as a priority. The oval shape of the bowl ensures waste is more directly targeted and flushed away, minimizing splashes and keeping the rim and surrounding area cleaner. Additionally, the larger surface area reduces the likelihood of waste sticking to the sides of the bowl, promoting a more hygienic environment with each flush.
  • Reduced Clog Risk: The engineering behind elongated toilets includes a focus on minimizing clogging. The shape and water distribution in the bowl enhance the flushing power, effectively handling larger waste loads and reducing the likelihood of clogs. This means fewer instances of plunging and maintenance, saving time and hassle in busy households.
  • Simplified Cleaning: Cleaning an elongated toilet is notably easier compared to its round counterpart. The design allows for fewer hard-to-reach places, making it simpler to wipe down and maintain. The elongated shape also means less dripping on the floor and a cleaner bathroom overall, contributing to a more sanitary and pleasant space.
  • Contemporary Design and Style: Beyond functionality, elongated toilets bring a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom. Their sleek profile and longer bowl shape fit seamlessly into contemporary designs, offering a visual upgrade from the more traditional round toilets. Available in a variety of styles, from minimalist one-piece models to versatile two-piece configurations, elongated toilets can complement any bathroom décor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Ergonomic Height Options: Many elongated toilets come in "comfort height" models, which are a few inches taller than standard toilets, mirroring the height of a standard chair for easier sitting and standing. This feature is particularly advantageous for taller individuals, seniors, or those with physical challenges, further underlining the elongated toilet's commitment to comfort and accessibility.

By incorporating these enhanced benefits, elongated toilets not only elevate the user's comfort and hygiene but also contribute significantly to the bathroom's functionality and style. Whether for a master bathroom, a guest powder room, or a commercial setting, the elongated toilet stands out as a superior choice for modern bathroom design.

Elongated vs. Round Toilet

The decision between elongated and round toilets is pivotal in the design and functionality of any bathroom. This choice is influenced by the available space, the bathroom's layout, and personal preferences regarding comfort and aesthetics.

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  • Space Considerations: Round toilets, with their compact design, are particularly well-suited to smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space is at a premium. Their shorter projection from the wall makes them a practical choice for tight spots, allowing for more room for door swing and movement within the bathroom.
  • Comfort and Style: Elongated toilets, on the other hand, are lauded for their increased comfort and sleek, modern appearance. The extended bowl provides additional seating area, supporting the thighs more comfortably and reducing strain during use. This design is preferred in master bathrooms, spacious guest bathrooms, or commercial settings where comfort and visual appeal are prioritized. The elongated shape, often associated with higher-end bathroom fixtures, lends a contemporary look that can complement a wide range of decorating styles.
  • Ergonomics and Accessibility: Beyond basic comfort, the ergonomic design of elongated toilets supports healthier posture and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for individuals with mobility issues or for aging populations who benefit from the added support and comfort. Additionally, many elongated models are available in taller, ADA-compliant heights, further enhancing accessibility.
  • Adapting Elongated Seats to Round Toilets: For those looking to enjoy the benefits of an elongated toilet without the full commitment of replacing their existing round model, adding an elongated toilet seat is a feasible, though imperfect, solution. While this setup does indeed overhang the round bowl, it can offer a marginal increase in comfort and may serve as a stopgap until a complete upgrade is possible. It's crucial to measure carefully and consider the aesthetic and functional implications of such an adaptation, as the overhang can affect the toilet's appearance and how effectively it contains waste and water splash.

Making the Right Choice

Ultimately, the decision between an elongated and a round toilet will depend on balancing the specific needs of the bathroom space with the desires for comfort, style, and functionality. For new constructions or major renovations, considering the toilet type early in the planning process can ensure that the chosen model fits well within the overall bathroom design. For minor updates or replacements, evaluating the existing space and usage requirements can guide whether to maintain the current style or upgrade to an elongated model.

Bathroom Elegance with Elongated Toilets

In conclusion, the elongated toilet presents an irresistible combination of unparalleled comfort, superior hygiene, and contemporary style, perfectly suited for the modern bathroom aesthetic. Whether embarking on a comprehensive renovation project or merely seeking to elevate your bathroom fixtures, investing in an elongated toilet is a strategic decision that promises to significantly boost the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. For those considering such upgrades, partnering with a reputable assembly and installation service like National Assemblers ensures a seamless integration of this sophisticated fixture into your bathroom, enhancing your experience with professional expertise.

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